Mistakes Women Make With Men…

Assuming he’s always up for sex. This might hold true for teenage boys, but not men. Once they hit their mid-20s, many things compete for their energy. Work pressures, bills and everyday life can dampen his libido. He’s not like a vibrator, “You can’t just plug him in and expect him to perform on cue.”

Thinking sex ends when he climaxes. Just because he’s fulfilled doesn’t mean you are. Let him know you haven’t finished and help him find ways to get you there with his hands or mouth.

Obsessing about your body. The numbers on the scale aren’t what you’d like… so what? Putting on weight is no excuse for avoiding sex. Or maybe your weight is fine, but you’re fixating on another flaw. Guess what? If he wants to have sex with you, he thinks you’re sexy.

Not giving him any guidance. Pleasing a woman is no easy task. So help him out! Give him explicit directions, when, where, how hard, how fast and more.

Overreacting when he suggests something new. Most of us do the same thing day in and day out. And whether it’s in the bedroom or the boardroom, routine can get boring. Men like looking at, trying out and experimenting with new things. There’s nothing wrong about it. Suggesting something new is not a criticism of you. It’s simply a craving for variety. So have an open mind.

Surprising him with something wild. If you want to take a walk on the wild side, talk first. Massages, concert tickets and flowers make great surprises. Blindfolds, handcuffs and a riding crop do not. Same goes for tush play – it’s poor manners (and possibly assault) to try to slip in there without asking first.

Saying someone else’s name. “Good luck slithering out of that one.“You’ll be offering a lot of unreciprocated oral sex and doing a lot of dishes to dig yourself out of that hole.”

Analyzing his equipment malfunction. This happens to every guy, but it’s still an awkward moment for both. Unless deflated sails are an ongoing problem, don’t make a big deal about it. Delving into the psychology of why he’s gone flat and what it means only makes the situation worse.


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