If you are paddling or spanking someone, you should alway’s be careful where you hit them. It’s okay to paddle, flog, or spank someone’s butt, thighs, or upper back, if you are careful, you can also spank or flog someone’s breasts. Stay away from kidneys, lower back, and neck.
NEVER strike someone in the face or on the neck with any object. Avoid joints, such as ankles, knees, and elbows, they’re surprisingly fragile and easy to damage. Remember that a person who is bent over or in some other position that stretches the long muscles is more vulnerable, and can not take as much, as a person who is in a position where the body’s long muscles are not extended.

A Right Good Spanking…

643.x200.iny.slap1 Step 1: Assume the position
The classic over-the-knee setup is tried and true, but other scenarios are just as naughty. Tell the spankee, or “bottom,” to lie flat on their stomach or bend over a piece of furniture, and drop their drawers…
643.x200.iny.slap2 Step 2: Warm up
Administer some test spanks and gauge their reaction using various implements (hand, paddle, hairbrush, etc.). Vary the tempo and intersperse spanks with tender rubbing and kneading…
643.x200.iny.slap3 Step 3: Game time
“Don’t spank on the tailbone or any part of the sacrum, Just stay on the fleshy parts, and be careful with the tops of the thighs, they bruise easily.” If the bottom starts to bleed, stop right away…
643.x200.iny.slap4 Step 4: Après spank
Rub Arnica Gel (available at any health food store) on the bottom’s bottom after a particularly heated session. With disciplinary spankings, place the bottom in a corner to emphasize their bad behavior… Bad bottom!

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