This subject really interests me as a person…
I am coming to the end “I hope” of the worst journey of my life…
The secret of tantric sex
Tantric sex offers more than just whole body orgasms and all night sex. It can increase your energy, sensual awareness and enhance the quality of your life…Good sex is an art that requires time and attention to flourish. Busy and stressful lifestyles can take their toll and our sex lives are often the first thing to suffer. We could all do with more of the feel-good factor that comes from good sex. 

Tantric sex seduces us with its promise of endless ecstasy. It guarantees orgasm and feelings of emotional satisfaction for women. And men find tantric techniques can help them to keep it up longer, even all night!

One goal of tantric sex is to expand your orgasms from local genital experiences to ‘whole body’ orgasms. These expanded orgasms are where you feel energy rushing up through your body and into the crown of your head.

The claims of tantra may seem hype, but before you dismiss it, try it out. You might end up having the last laugh, or better still, a big self satisfied grin that comes from recollecting your sexual highs.

What is tantra?
Tantra is an ancient esoteric practice where expanded orgasm is considered a direct path to spiritual enlightenment. Tantra pre-dates Hinduism and Buddhism, but still exists in India and Tibet alongside these mainstream religions. In the West, we’ve hijacked some of the sexual techniques in our quest for sexual satisfaction. Learning tantra can help you live life to the full.

If you feel disillusioned with sex or have lost your desire for it, or your partner, make it a priority to awaken your libido. Just as Freud considered libido the motivating force in life, tantra assumes that a powerful current of sexual energy flows through our body. Make a commitment to yourself to explore your sensual nature. We all deserve sensual pleasure and sexual fulfilment.

Couples who have brought tantra into their bedroom claim that the sexual techniques make for a more fulfilling relationship all round. Love making lasts much longer the tantric way, instead of a few minutes the whole process lasts hours. And as your sexual connection with yourself and your partner deepens, your desire for sex increases and the quality of your sex life vastly improves… To be continued…


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